restaurant Paradis La Rosière

The most
Italian of French ski resorts!

Perched at an altitude of 1850m, a few minutes from Italy, La Rosière is considered a precious pearl of the Haute-Tarentaise.

You will find that this jewel shines for several reasons:

ensoleillement la rosiere

☀ Its sunshine

From the snow fronts or from your accommodation, you will find yourself on the balcony of the Tarentaise, with a south-facing view of over 180°. Enjoy the sunsets and this rejuvenating light.

🇫🇷 / 🇮🇹 Its French-Italian ski area

The Espace San Bernardo, the only one of its kind in the Northern Alps, has linked La Rosière to La Thuile (Italy) since 1984. A journey to the end of the spatulas to discover new panoramas and another culture on skis, so close and so different.
Station de ski franco italienne
enneigement la rosiere

❄ Its exceptional snow cover

La Rosière-Espace San Bernardo records snowfall, with accumulations of over 11m. Only a few kilometres as the crow flies from Mont-Blanc and the Petit Saint-Bernard pass, the resort benefits from favourable weather conditions which guarantee excellent snow cover from mid-December to the end of April and make it one of the snowiest areas in the Northern Alps.

📍 Its position

In front of you, the majestic Mont Pourri, which will remind you how small we feel in front of Mother Nature

👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 The human warmth of its inhabitants

Vous arrivez à La Rosière et en quelques heures, vous vous sentez comme à la maison !